8 Quick Tips For Better Practice Results

To improve our drumming, we need to practice a lot. Preferably a couple of hours a day. But unfortunately, we don’t always have as much practice time as we’d like. But don’t worry, you can still achieve great results when you practice efficiently and structurally, even if your practice time is limited. Perhaps these tips can help you:

Tip 1: Study Schedule
Use study schedules and be strict about them. It helps you to focus on what you want to work on. For example, if you just have 30 minutes to practice, decide what you’re going to work beforehand. It could look like this:

quick tips for better drumming

Tip 2: Mirror
Have a mirror in your practice room. A mirror helps you to recognize technique or posture imperfections and you can adjust them as you go.

Tip 3: Recording
Record yourself. It’s the best feedback you can get. Determine what you can improve and don’t forget to acknowledge the good parts 

Tip 4: Different Sets
Play on different drum sets sometimes, if possible. Playing on different drum sets (especially the terrible ones) will help you to become more flexible. Plus, you get to work on your tuning skills.

Tip 5: Different Sticks
Try playing with other sticks every once in a while. Every stick feels different and requires an (small) adjustment of your technique. Again, flexibility is what you will gain here.

Tip 6: Share
Share your study process with others. It can keep you motivated to show what you’re working on. Maybe your musician friends have some feedback that can help you.

Tip 7: Listen
Listen to a lot of music! Not just to your favorite bands or genres, but try to get familiar with all kinds of music. What does the drummer play? How do the other instruments sound? Can you transcribe (some) of the drum part?

Tip 8: Practice Pad
Use a practice pad when you don’t have access to a drum set. It’s not quite the same as playing real drums, but it allows you to make some extra technique hours. And the neighbors won’t complain about the noise 🙂

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